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In 2008 the University of Houston Chapter of Triangle was chartered. This however, is not where its history began. Its history extends far beyond the founding of the chapter to when the Fraternity itself was just a dream shared by 13 Engineering students and 1 Physics student at the University of Houston who never knew that one day it would be a reality.
In order for University of Houston Chapter of Triangle to survive these 14 men made it their lives. Due to their dedication to the fraternity it has had record success, colonizing in only 6 months, the fastest in Triangle history, and becoming a chapter in only 2 years, the second fastest in Triangle history. After becoming a colony, Triangle was granted a lounge in a building on campus owned by the engineering college that served as a place for study and business. After being chartered, Triangle got a house in the Bayou Oaks apartment complex. On top of that, the UH Chapter became a member of IFC in only one semester and won 1st place Carnival Booth in its first time to ever attend Frontier Fiesta, the biggest event at UH all year.

University of Houston Chapter of Triangle currently has 12 classes ranging from the founding father’s class of Alpha down to the Mu class. The fraternity, although young, has a surprisingly large amount of active brothers, currently 29, and compared to other Fraternities on its campus it is growing in size and strength at an alarming rate.

One of the traditions of Triangle is to pass down a rattle to the newest chapter of Triangle and each new chapter to receive it must add their own personal touch to it before passing it down to the next new chapter. The Houston Chapter was in possession of the rattle until April 2010, when it got sent to the new Triangle chapter at University of California, Berkley.

"To have a better world, we must first have a world of better men". Herb Scobie